We are Czech family business. Our project „Kartičky“ (it means small cards with words), has been developing since 2005, when we started to offer foreign language cards for Czech students at karticky.cz. There are more and more products, the project lives, grows and we are happy about it.

In 2009 we founded the company Karticky.cz s.r.o., which we have transferred some of our activities.

Slovíčka na kartičkách.
Our e-shop with language cards.


We have begun to create applications.  The first application is dedicated to children with Amblyopia = Lazy eye.  We are currently reviewing the latest details.

We are preparing an application to test and exercise lazy (amblyopic) eye.


Karticky.cz s.r.o.
Skalice 447
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
Czech Republic

ID NUMBER – IČ: 28577078


Dalibor Hrabec
tel.: +420 608 616 961
e-mail: dalibor.hrabec@karticky.com

Zuzana Hrabcová
tel.: +420 777 300 988
e-mail: zuzana.hrabcová@karticky.com

The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, file number: C 32878.